D.V. KAP Home introduced its sophisticated and luxurious pillows in 2010 launching a more contemporary line of pillows and table runners in comparison to Canaan Co, its sister company.  Using elaborate, rich and unique fabrics D.V. KAP Home creates pieces that exemplify the upmost quality and design. Designed and manufactured in Fresno California, D.V. KAP pillows and table runners encompass all of the elements of luxurious decorative accents whilst maintaining moderate cost.  Ranging in color, textures and styles, D.V. KAP Home incorporates their passion for décor into each of its pieces. These pillows can perfect the look of any room, elaborating a personal style and captivating the essence of a space. For D.V. KAP Home pillows are not just accessories, they are essential elements of décor.

opening order: 6 pillows or $250
reorder: 2 pillows or $100
terms: Credit Card